Dr. Dins Sumerags

President of Latvian Otorhinolaryngology Society, Head of ENT department, Paul Stradins Clinical University Hospital

"Arturas has success even with those patients, whom traditional medicine is unable to help."

Antra Jankava

Former soloist of the Latvian National Opera, docent at Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music

"The most important thing is that, what Arturas has found, he has found through himself, through his own quest. He works actively as an advocate for healthy, correct singing."

Girts Krumins

Actor, The New Riga Theatre

"When I came to Arturas, I had breathing problems and it was very hard for me to give a 10 minutes long monologue on stage, my voice didn’t sound well, I got very tired. Arturas showed me two exercises which at first seemed hard, but after doing them regularly for a month, my breathing muscles improved as well as the tone of my voice and giving long monologues wasn’t a problem anymore. I realized that correct breathing technique is one of the most important things for an actor. Seems like a small detail but it helped me a lot."

Janis Strazdins

Bass in the world renowned Swedish a cappella group The Real Group

"For more than a year I attended Arturas' lessons, because I wanted to explore the capabilities of the body and expand the limits I had put on myself. His approach is fresh and his methodology is unique. In a nutshell I would call our lessons a "voice laboratory and breath gym". Although I sing almost every day and one would think that that should be enough to be in shape, still there are huge benefits from a regular breath workout. The aspect that I appreciate most about Arturas' methods is that he has lived through all of the exercises himself and can justify every element."

Oskars Ozolins

Trumpet player at the Latvian Radio Big Band

"Trumpet players and other wind instrumentalists very often deal with breathing problems because not many realize that something as basic as breathing can be the root of many problems. These exercises help to quickly improve the tone, intonation, register and endurance, and I am very glad that I’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with them - as a result, I don't have many of my long term problems anymore."

Kaspars Adamsons


"He worked with me for half an hour or forty-five minutes and I realized that a couple of these things I had kind of already figured out myself or maybe heard something about them from some vocal coaches, but nobody had ever told me about all of it at once and in such a specific and detailed way."

Markus Riva

Singer and X Factor Latvia host

"I have worked with several coaches, but always struggled when it came to breathing. I thought that I understand, but I was wrong and had some ongoing difficulties with my singing and sound. With Arturas I gained a more stable singing voice and confidence to be on the stage and perform."

Elza Leimane

Latvian National Opera Ballet principal dancer

"I have a full confidence in Arturas' vision and approach. Training experience with Arturas turned out to be a miraculous change for me and helped after only 3 sessions. Ballet dancers mostly speak with their bodies on stage rather than their voice. Arturas breathing methods helped me to become confident, articulate in speech and most importantly to be heard - addressing an auditorium of 1000 people in my acting debut. Thank you!"

Aminata Savadogo

Singer and songwriter, Eurovision 2015 finalist

"I had never paid much attention to breathing techniques before, so breathing exercises were a revelation to me! Arturas’ complex of exercises gave me a new understanding of breathing while singing - how full body can be used to transfer the air, how breath can be developed. After taking his classes I realized that singing is much easier when breathing properly!"