Arturas Burke

Breathing Coach,
Creator of Diaphragm Workout


Breathing Coach,
Creator of Diaphragm Workout

My Story

I have been studying correct breathing and its impact on results in sport, music and recovery from diseases for over 10 years.

It all started with me wanting to sing and quite early realizing that in order to improve my singing voice, I had to improve my breathing. By coincidence I had started to beatbox and do street workout, and practicing that revealed me that there are many connections between body, breathing and sound.

After years of training, researching breathing and accumulating experience, I gradually developed a system of breathing exercises - at first I did it for myself but then realized that my experience could help others with the same or similar problems and questions, and started to share my observations and techniques.

I’ve realized that there are many people who are suffering in their careers and from health problems due to not knowing how to control their breathing, and helping them has become my goal in life.

Who do I work with?

Singers, actors, public speakers, teachers, TV and radio hosts

Good breathing skills are a foundation for strong, deep and powerful voice.

For singers, good breath support gives you the ability to produce a better tone, hold long notes, better dynamic range and breath control.

Your speech and singing is only as good as your breathing - you cannot manage your voice if you don’t know how to manage your breath.

Choirs and Vocal ensembles

Your choir or ensemble is only as good as your weakest singer, and it’s important to be able to sing well both together and individually.

Anyone with shortness of breath or other breathing problems

Healthy breathing techniques are especially important for people having difficulty breathing. If your muscles are weak, they need more oxygen and you can become short of breath doing everyday tasks. Breathing muscle exercises change that because they help you to improve both your inhalation and exhalation processes.

When your muscles are stronger, daily activities are easier - strengthened breathing musculature improves your resting breathing.

Dancers, athletes, yogi and anyone regularly working out

Oxygen plays a huge role in sports performance and in the recovery process as well. Athletes need to be able to breathe freely and control their breath in physically hard and challenging situations.

Both for professional athletes and anyone who does sports, breathing powerfully leads to enhanced fitness and workout tolerance, and better performance.

Wind instrumentalists

For wind instrumentalists, breathing exercises help to improve the tone, intonation, register and endurance.


Janis Strazdins

Bass in the world renowned Swedish a cappella group The Real Group

"For more than a year I attended Arturas' lessons, because I wanted to explore the capabilities of the body and expand the limits I had put on myself. His approach is fresh and his methodology is unique. In a nutshell I would call our lessons a "voice laboratory and breath gym". Although I sing almost every day and one would think that that should be enough to be in shape, still there are huge benefits from a regular breath workout. The aspect that I appreciate most about Arturas' methods is that he has lived through all of the exercises himself and can justify every element."

Aminata Savadogo

Singer and songwriter, Eurovision 2015 finalist

"I had never paid much attention to breathing techniques before, so breathing exercises were a revelation to me! Arturas’ complex of exercises gave me a new understanding of breathing while singing - how full body can be used to transfer the air, how breath can be developed. After taking his classes I realized that singing is much easier when breathing properly!"

Oskars Ozolins

Trumpet player at the Latvian Radio Big Band

"Trumpet players and other wind instrumentalists very often deal with breathing problems because not many realize that something as basic as breathing can be the root of many problems. These exercises help to quickly improve the tone, intonation, register and endurance, and I am very glad that I’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with them - as a result, I don't have many of my long term problems anymore."

Dr. Dins Sumerags

President of Latvian Otorhinolaryngology Society, Head of ENT department, Paul Stradins Clinical University Hospital

"Arturas has success even with those patients, whom traditional medicine is unable to help."

Elza Leimane

Latvian National Opera Ballet principal dancer

"I have a full confidence in Arturas' vision and approach. Training experience with Arturas turned out to be a miraculous change for me and helped after only 3 sessions. Ballet dancers mostly speak with their bodies on stage rather than their voice. Arturas breathing methods helped me to become confident, articulate in speech and most importantly to be heard - addressing an auditorium of 1000 people in my acting debut. Thank you!"